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It is the fine details that decide whether a man comes across as well-groomed or rather careless. An important indication: the clean transition between beard and hairstyle! One man who knows all about these intricacies is our favorite barber, Abud. He told us the most important tips for a well-groomed appearance.

Abud, is there such a thing as the mother of all men’s hairstyles?

The classic among men’s hairstyles is the style cut — it is also called pompadour. Almost every short men’s haircut is built on it. Roughly speaking: short sides, short neck contour, the top hair a little longer. Many wear a parting on one side.

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A basic distinction is made between a high, a medium and a low cut. For example, the transition between short and long hair sits directly above the ear in a deep cut. The other two variants are correspondingly higher.

Which styling products do you generally recommend for a men’s hairstyle?

It basically depends on the length, the hair structure and personal preferences. Anything goes. Personally, I prefer a product with a neutral shine that gives the hair a malleable structure: a high-quality shaping cream. It gives every man a natural look.

What are the most important components of the perfect wet shave?

For me, the following eight points are part of every good shave. The first point is definitely the most important:

  1. Take your time.
  2. Prepare skin: warm compress to open pores.
  3. Clove oil to relax the skin and nerves under the skin.
  4. Apply shaving cream with a brush, this glides best when shaving.
  5. Shaving with a well-sharpened razor — the knife is disinfected before shaving (80% alcohol and flaming).
  6. Cold compress to remove the remaining shaving cream and close the pores.
  7. Aftershave for disinfection.
  8. Direct-absorbing moisturizer (do not apply a cream that is too greasy).

The perfect wet shave is used on the one hand for care and on the other hand for deceleration. Today, we rarely take a break from everyday life. In this respect, wet shaving is a nice ritual to do something good for yourself.

What are some common mistakes to avoid when wet shaving?

If you don’t take the time to shave and don’t prepare your skin, you can expect skin irritation. A dull, non-sterile blade is also a no-go — cuts, redness, and inflammation are the unpleasant result.

What types of beards are there and what is the best way to care for them?

Facial Hair Care

From a full beard to a goatee, there are numerous ways in which a man can wear his facial hair. I recommend to my clients rather distinctive shapes, which underline the masculinity and balance the shape of the face. Very important: A beard should grow on the face and not on the neck. The clean transition between hairstyle and beard is crucial for a well-groomed appearance.

For daily care, there are high-quality beard shampoos. In my opinion, a good body wash is just as suitable. After showering, massage in a drop of argan oil, this is good for skin and beard hair. Then, depending on the length, blow dry with a skeleton or beard brush. After blow-drying, work in beard pomade, which makes the hair supple and the beard malleable.

Thanks for the tips, Abud!


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